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Other Ancillary Equipment



  • Chick guard is particularly useful in the brooding stage of the chicks
  • It is made from high quality polymer and is used to make separate round partitions to house the chicks. It is provided with a sturdy metal stand to secure the share of the chick guard
  • Chick guard is used to maintain the specific density of the chicks that is number of chicks in specific areas.
  • It ensures uniform brooding of the chicks
  • This enables free movement of chicks and healthy and faster growth
  • Chick guard reduces the mortality rate
  • Chick Guard Length: 15 feet
  • Chick Guard Height: 15 Inches
  • No. of chicks recommended: 250 chicks



  • Flame gun is used to destroy bacterial, fungal, viral and insect contamination in and around the poultry shed
  • This is available in single flame as well as four flame form
  • Flame gun helps in maintaining the birds disease free and healthy
  • It works on gas. The special design helps in lowering the gas consumption



  • Cage mat is made up of superior grade polymer which is superimpose upon the bottom grill of the standard cage
  • Available in customized sizes, easy to clean, highly durable and stackable
  • Its surface is so smooth that, it offers a soft cushion to the growing chicks. It avoids leg eruption problem in the growing chicks
  • Also minimizes egg breakage
  • It matches exactly with the dimension of the bottom grill thus allowing uninterrupted ventilation and also avoids accumulation of waste and litter inside the cage
  • Various Mat Dimensions available: 18”x21” , 18”x25.75” , 18”x18” , 17”x16.5” , 15”x18” , 17.5”x25″



  • The Debeaking activity is carried out to the trimming of the tip portions of the bird’s beak to make it blunt. This is just to avoid injuries happening due to bird pecking.
  • Our Debeaking Machine works on Hot Blade beak trimming mechanism. It is provided with blade, power cord and beak support and is operated easily with power unit/foot pedal.
  • Technical Specifications:
  • Voltage: 220±10%
  • Power: 200-250V
  • Temperature of movable knife: 800-1000°c
  • Time of stopping knife and stanching blood: 0-4 seconds

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