Heating System



  • Gas Brooder is used to maintain the temperature of the shed within the desired limits to ensure healthy growth of the birds
  • It is especially useful during monsoon and winter season
  • The emitted infrared heat is very useful for the brooding of chicks
  • The perforated brooder bulbs have a very long life
  • Gas brooder is useful in areas where electricity supply is irregular
  • No of birds per brooder: 1000 birds
  • Minimum Gas usage per hour: 110 gms
  • Max. Gas usage per hour: 200 gms


  • Electric Brooder is used to maintain the temperature of the shed within the desired limits to ensure healthy growth of the birds
  • It is especially useful during monsoon and winter season
  • The metal coil used for the heating purpose has a very long life
  • The emitted infrared heat is very useful for the brooding of chicks
  • No of birds per brooder: 1000 birds
  • Max. Electricity per hour: 1.5 unit
  • Coil: 300 watt


  • Space Heater is the most advanced form of space heater available.
  • Automated mechanism that provides the heat necessary for the brooding of the day old chicks
  • Heat generated from LPG gas & the heated air is transported to the brooding house through electric blowers
  • Unlike conventional brooders which are “Spot Heaters”, the Space heaters warm the entire room or brooding space uniformly
  • Provided with temperature sensor with SS wire braided to protect it from cuts & breaks
  • Digital temp. controller provides ease of monitoring
  • Much more Economical yet highly efficient in comparison with the conventional brooding systems
  • Simple and user friendly mechanism and operation
  • No insulation required to cool the heater body, its specialized design automatically keeps itself cool while heater is running. Hence, it can be placed directly onto the floor
  • Easy maintenance by modular construction
  • Pilot Burner having micro consumption and wind proof flame
  • Technical Specifications:
  • Brooding Area Covered: 11000 CFT
  • Brooding Capacity: 5000 – 6000 Birds
  • Fuel: LP Gas
  • Gas consumption per hour (Min & Max): 700 gms – 1250 gms
  • Operating Gas Pressure: 0.7 – 1.4 kg/sq. cms
  • Caloric Value per hour (Min & Max): 8400 – 15000 Kcal
  • CFM: 200


  • Chick guard is particularly useful in the brooding stage of the chicks
  • It is made from high quality polymer and is used to make separate round partitions to house the chicks. It is provided with a sturdy metal stand to secure the share of the chick guard
  • Chick guard is used to maintain the specific density of the chicks that is number of chicks in specific areas.
  • It ensures uniform brooding of the chicks
  • This enables free movement of chicks and healthy and faster growth
  • Chick guard reduces the mortality rate
  • Chick Guard Length: 15 feet
  • Chick Guard Height: 15 Inches
  • No. of chicks recommended: 250 chicks

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