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Cages Accessories



  • Cage mat is made up of superior grade polymer which is superimpose upon the bottom grill of the standard cage
  • Available in customized sizes, easy to clean, highly durable and stackable
  • Its surface is so smooth that, it offers a soft cushion to the growing chicks. It avoids leg eruption problem in the growing chicks
  • Also minimizes egg breakage
  • It matches exactly with the dimension of the bottom grill thus allowing uninterrupted ventilation and also avoids accumulation of waste and litter inside the cage
  • Various Mat Dimensions available: 18”x21” , 18”x25.75” , 18”x18” , 17”x16.5” , 15”x18” , 17.5”x25”


  • Supreme Manure scrapper is a tool useful for the effective removal of the manure from the pit of the A type and S type poultry cages
  • The uniqueness of this scrapper lies in its simple mechanism and ease of installation
  • The manure scrapper consists of high quality corrosion free galvanized structure comprising of scrapper blades, drive unit and cable connecting theses two.
  • The blades raises and lowers by positive cable action to scrap manure in one direction
  • Blade lockout can easily be engaged or disengaged from the aisle to lock blade up when desired
  • The blade has high pivot point to provide maximum


  • Supreme Silo and fill system plays a very crucial role in automated centralized feed distribution in the poultry houses.
  • The Silo body is formed with the corrugations from a very high quality, corrosion free and durable galvanized metal sheets.
  • Supreme Silo is available in various capacities like 12 tons, 20 Tons.
  • The other components of silo include silo loader, weighing scale and the fill system
  • The primary objective of the silo is centralized storage of the feed
  • Metered portions of the feed can be conveyed within the shed through fill system which is connected to the hoppers
  • Advantages of the Silo & Fill system :
  1. Hygienic and safe storage of the feed
  2. Retention of the nutrition value of the feed
  3. Metered feed distribution
  4. Reduces labor cost
  5. Convenience to the user
  6. Durable solution for the feed administration

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