Pullet Cages For Layer – A Frame


  • Supreme A Frame Pullet Cages is the most convenient and cost effective housing system for the brooding & growing stage of the layer birds.
  • Supreme A Frame Pullet cages are composed of very high quality corrosion free galvanized material
  • Height adjustable leg ensures perfect alignment
  • Specially provided net lawn placed at the floor of the cage, facilitates easy movement of the day old chicks without any leg injuries
  • Specialized height adjustment feeding strip provides easy access to feed from Day 1
  • Height adjustable nipple line ensures enough water supply to the birds in all the stages
  • The customized design makes this system a convenient option during brooding as well as growing stage of the birds
  • Better stocking density with possibility of multiple tiers
  • Better bird hygiene and thus healthy and fast growth of the birds
  • Remarkably low mortality due to sophistication of the housing system
  • Easy operation during inspection and housing
  • Simplest yet effective form of pullet Cage structure
  • Cages based on welded frame giving strength to the structure
  • Feeding troughs made up of high quality PVC
  • High quality, durable and economical type of pullet cages
  • Cage dimensions customization to meet customer requirements


Technical Specifications: Brooding Cages

  • Specifications Box
  • Front Length (Inches) 18"
  • Depth (Inches) 15"
  • Front Height (Inches) 17"
  • Back Height (Inches) 17"
  • Brooding Stage Brooding Stage Growing Stage
  • Number of Birds / Box 9 Birds 9 Birds
  • Number of Boxes / Section / Tier 4 4
  • Number of Birds / Section / Tier 36 Birds 20 Birds
  • Feeding Space / Bird (Inches) 2" 3.6"
  • Cage Area / Bird 30 Sq.Inches 54 Sq.Inches
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