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BROILER Breeder Cages – A FRAME

  • It is the most convenient and cost effective broiler breeder housing system for artificial insemination which provides separate housing to the males and females.
  • Better stocking density compared to conventional breeder farming
  • The ratio of the male required drops down to 1:16
  • Supreme A Frame Broiler breeder cages are composed of very high quality corrosion free GI material making it the most preferred housing system available for breeders.
  • The system can consist of two to three tiers with automated accessory systems such as automated feeding trolley, watering, egg collection and manure separation system.
  • Cage dimensions are customized specially to accommodate male & female birds.
  • The easy to use cage doors open sidewise facilitating easy bird handling..



  • Maintains very high degree of cleanliness and hygiene
  • Ensures controlled feeding which is the most essential requirement for breeder housing
  • Specially customized cage design for males & females to ensure comfort and stress-free housing to the birds
  • Provides easy access to the birds during artificial insemination
  • Cage Mats which is an optional accessory ensures that the egg rolls down safely on to the egg belt. This prevents egg breakage thus optimizing the yield.
  • Improved egg quality. Better yield of hatchable eggs


Specifications Male Box Female Box
Front Length (Inches) 24’’ 18’’
Depth (Inches) 15’’ 15’’
Front Height (Inches) 24’’ 21’’
Back Height (Inches) 24’’ 18’’
Number of Birds / Box 2 Birds 2 Birds
Number of Boxes / Section / Tier 10 14
Number of Birds / Section / Tier 20 Birds 20 Birds
Feeding Space / Bird (Inches) 12’’ 9’’
Cage Area / Bird 180 Sq. Inches 135 Sq. Inches

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