Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Poultry cage system more beneficial compared to Deep Litter system?

Definitely. Poultry cage system is much more profitable, user friendly and convenient option available to the farmer compared to floor rearing or deep litter system. Following are the benefits of opting Cage system

  • Unlike the deep litter system, in case of poultry cages, the movement of the bird is restricted resulting into conservation of the energy of the bird which in turn results in Higher Feed Conversion ratio.
  • In the cage system, the feaces is removed immediately. Where as in case of deep litter system, there is no such immediate separation because of which, birds come in contact with the feaces increasing the chances of infection to the birds. With the use of cages, this possibility is nullified giving healthy birds and also avoiding the cost of medication.
  • Unlike deep litter system, in case of poultry cages, the eggs are separated immediately. This prevents breakage and wastage of the eggs resulting in higher yield compared to deep litter system. This improves the profitability of the farm.
  • Counting and monitoring is easier in case of cages compared to the deep litter system. Overall, cage system helps to make the farm more organized compared to the deep litter system.

Keeping in view the above points, Poultry cage system is always a more beneficial option compared to the deep litter system.

Q. Why Should I install EC System in my poultry shed? I find it an expensive option?

When it comes to livestock industry, the health and hygiene of the animal plays a very important role. Specifically in case of poultry, the birds are healthy when they are grown in the excellent environment conditions.

EC System is Environment Control system. The EC house composed of cooling pads, exhaust fans, sensors, centrally managed controller etc. With the help of EC system, following parameters can be monitored and controlled.

  • Temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • Air composition
  • Air speed and air movement
  • Light

Installing EC system into the poultry shed has following advantages:

  • With EC system, we can have higher bird capacity for the shed. More number of birds can be accommodated in less space improving the overall profitability.
  • With EC system, it is easily possible to create the atmosphere ideal for the healthy growth of the birds within the shed effortlessly.
  • In the EC shed, birds are prevented from getting exposed to extreme climatic conditions. This reduces the mortality rate considerably.
  • With EC, the farmer can achieve increased feed conversion ratio and low labor costing.
  • Very good FCR, thus enhanced profitability
  • Bird grow faster, batch duration reduces, more batches can be accommodated in a year increasing the profitability

In summary, though, EC system involves initial cost investment, it in turns give long term benefits in terms of enhanced productivity and profitability of the shed. Therefore, EC house is always recommended over the conventional house.

Q. Why should I opt for Supreme’s Automatic Pan feeding system?

Supreme's Pan feeding system is one of the most preferred feeding systems chosen by our customers in India as well as overseas. Compared to other pan feeding systems available in the market, Supreme’s product has many unique features. Highest quality, unique design, highest feed conversion ratios are to name a few.

  • The specialized design of the automatic feed pan prevents the entry of the chicks inside the pan and also prevents feed wastage.
  • Hinged bottom and smooth surface facilitates efficient cleaning & disinfection.
  • It is suitable for crumbled as well as pelletized meal
  • The automatic feed pan is provided with simple 6 position feed level adjustment
Q. What is the advantage of placing Supreme H-Type Battery Layer cages over conventional cages?

Supreme H-Type Battery Cages have the most advanced technology used in its design and accessory systems. For a modern poultry farmer, Supreme H-Type Battery Cage serves as the most profitable option.

  • In Supreme H-Type Battery Cage, we can go beyond 3 tiers. Thus, in smaller shed area, enhanced bird capacity.
  • Highest degree of automation is possible with Supreme H-Type Battery Cage. Supreme provides, automatic feeding trolley, automatic egg collection system and automatic manure removal belt
  • Lesser manual intervention thus reduction in labor cost
  • Maintains very high degree of cleanliness and hygiene
  • Reduces labor cost and overall cost of operation due to maximum level of automation
  • Optimum utilization of shed space with multiple tiers in a row
  • Comfortable foot rest arrangements provided for the birds
  • Immediate separation of eggs preventing them from breaking & maximizing the yield of clean, crack-free eggs
  • Automated conveyer belt to collect droppings keeping birds clean and dry
  • Easy Bird handling due to sliding doors
Q. What is the chain feeding system? What Benefits will I get if I install this system in my breeder farm?

Supreme Chain Feeding System is a specially designed feeding mechanism that is customized to meet the feeding requirements of the breeder farm. Its characteristic design allows simultaneous access to all the birds. Separate chain feeding designs have been designed for the male & female breeder birds. Supreme chain feeding system has many advantages.

Advantages of our Chain Feeding System

  • Specially designed to suit the feeding requirements of breeder farm male birds
  • Simultaneous access to feed for all the males
  • Less stress among birds, they easily eat side by side
  • Easy feed access for all males allow more time to consume the feed
  • Better control and selection possibilities during feeding
  • Less space required compared to male pan feeding system
  • Centrally adjustable feed distribution
  • Feed trough is closed while feed distribution denying males access to feed during feeding process
  • All feed is distributed uniformly to all the feeding troughs before giving access to the males
Q. Are Broiler cages really effective compared to the conventional deep litter broiler farming?

Definitely. Broiler cages are the most sophisticated solution available for the Broiler farming in H Frame housing system compared to the conventional deep litter system. The biggest advantage of these cages is that, with broiler cages, bigger flock sizes are possible within the same shed as we stock birds in multiple tiers.

Cage boxes are provided with the automated pan feeding system and automated nipple drinking system. Bird handling, inspection and medication becomes very easy and fast compared to the deep litter system

Key Advantages of Broiler Cages:

  • Maintains very high degree of cleanliness and hygiene
  • Birds are kept away from the manure thus resulting in the better health of the birds
  • Better bird handling and monitoring possible
  • Low feed wastage and contamination
  • Overall less production cost compared to the deep litter system
  • Increased bird capacity per cycle and also more number of cycles per year possible thus improving overall profitability
Q. Is there any scope for automation for the watering system? Does Supreme provide the same?

Supreme has always tried to serve its customers with most advanced, innovative and user friendly product solutions. Our strongest research efforts have resulted in a fully automatic watering system. This system can be implemented to broiler as well as layer farms.

Supreme Nipple drinking system is one of the finest quality automatic watering system available. The automatic watering system offers many advantages

  • Optimal Hygiene
  • Minimal water spillage and wastage
  • Levels of the nipples can be adjusted as per the height of the birds
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Enough watering points & uninterrupted supply of water
  • Uniform and metered supply of medication and other additives
  • Dry manure
  • Lower humidity, less ammonia