Broiler Cages

  • It is the most advanced solution available for the Broiler farming in H Frame housing system compared to the conventional deep litter system.
  • Compared to conventional deep litter system, with broiler cages, bigger flock sizes are possible within the same shed as in this case, we stock birds in multiple tiers.
  • Supreme H Frame Broiler cages are composed of very high quality corrosion free GI material making it the most preferred housing system available for broilers.
  • The system can consist of three or even more than three tiers
  • Cage boxes are provided with the automated pan feeding system and automated nipple drinking system.
  • Bird handling, inspection and medication becomes very easy and fast compared to the deep litter system
ADVANTAGES OF Broiler Cages – H Frame
  • Maintains very high degree of cleanliness and hygiene
  • Birds are kept away from the manure thus resulting in the better health of the birds
  • Better bird handling and monitoring possible
  • Low feed wastage and contamination
  • Overall less production cost compared to the deep litter system
  • Increased bird capacity per cycle and also more number of cycles per year possible thus improving overall profitability

Broiler Cages – H Frame




Box Front Length (Inches)
Box Depth (Inches)
Box Front Height (Inches)
Box Back Height (Inches)
Number of Birds / Box
80 Birds
Cage Area / Bird
74.50 Sq. Inches
Number of Nipples / Box
12 Nipples
Number of Birds / Nipple
7 Birds
Number of Pans / Box
2 Pans
Number of Birds / Pan
40 Birds