Automatic Chain Feeding System for breeders

  • Excellent quality durable material
  • Modular design suitable for any poultry house
  • Reliable, user friendly & maintenance free system
  • The Chain constantly mixes the feed ingredients
  • Stimulates feed intake & prevents selective eating
  • Available in supported as well as suspended designs
advantages of chain feeding system
  • Separate feeding designs for male & female breeder birds
  • Less space required compared to male pan feeding system
  • Centrally adjustable feed distribution, Minimizes feed spillage
  • Simultaneous access to feed for all the males
  • Less stress among birds, they easily eat side by side
  • Quick and easy installation
  • 8 stage feed level adjusters
  • Feed return wheel in the hopper
  • All feed is distributed uniformly before giving access to the males
Female chain feeding system
Male chain feeding system
Dosing Mechanism
  • The feed transport tube can be adjusted within the Feed trough with the help of 8 level height Adjuster
  • In the Dosing Position – Transport tube in the pre-set position denying the access to feed to the birds
  • In Feeding Position – The feed troughs are winched down to allow males to eat simultaneously
  • Line positioned against wall 5-6 Birds/mtr
  • Line positioned in the center 8-10 Birds/mtr
    Dosing System
  • Level Selection Adjustable in 8 levels
  • Minnimum Level(mesh) 70gm / poration
  • Maximum Level(mesh) 210gm / portion
  • Transport System
  • Drive unit 0.55kW
  • Rotations 356RPM
  • Capacity 450 kg / Hrs